Tech Work, Other Projects, 
Various Bits and Pieces

Technical Skills:

CAD (metric and imperial)
Conventional and intelligent light fixture repair
LED wiring and install
Live event and concert lighting
Stage projection
Video distribution
Multi surface projection
Stage rigging
Counterweighted fly systems
Scenic carpentry
Sound engineering
Room EQ
Multi-output sound systems
Studio recording
MIDI Show Control (MSC)
Computer Upgrade/Repair (Mac and Windows)

Lighting Desk Experience:

ETC EOS Family
Jands Vista
Jands Stage CL
Wholehog 2
ETC Express
ETC SmartFade
Strand 300/500 Series
Horizon Lighting Control
Plexus Lighting Control
Leprecon 600

Familiarity with:
Hog 3
Hog 4
Strand Neo


Photo Examples include:

Custom LED Installation in National Wax Museum, Dublin
Banquet Lighting
Display Lighting in PNTA Store
Custom Wired LED for dance performance
Computer repair
Ghostbusters Proton Pack Prop

Relevant Software Experience:

Vectorworks 2016
Pro Tools
Virtual Light Lab
Q Lab
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Premiere

Familiarity with:  AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop