Tech Work, Other Projects, 
Various Bits and Pieces

Technical Skills:

CAD (metric and imperial)
Conventional and intelligent light fixture repair
LED wiring and install
Live event and concert lighting
ArtNet/sACN based Lighting Infrastructures
NEXO Line Array and Point Source equipment
Stage projection
Video distribution
Multi surface projection
Stage rigging
Counterweighted fly systems
Scenic carpentry
Sound engineering
Room EQ
Multi-output sound systems
Studio recording
MIDI Show Control (MSC)
Open Sound Control (OSC)
Remote Device Management (RDM)
Computer Networking
Computer Upgrade/Repair (Mac and Windows)

Lighting Desk Experience:

ETC EOS Family
Hog 4
Jands Vista
Jands Stage CL
ETC ColorSource AV
ETC Express
ETC SmartFade
Strand 200/300/500 Series
Wholehog 2
Horizon Lighting Control
Plexus Lighting Control
Leprecon 600

Familiarity with:
Hog 3
Strand Neo

Photo Examples include:

Custom LED Installation in National Wax Museum, Dublin
Banquet Lighting
Display Lighting in PNTA Store
Custom Wired LED for dance performance
Computer repair
Ghostbusters Proton Pack Prop

Relevant Software Experience:

Vectorworks 2019
Lightwright 6
Q Lab
Logic Pro X
Pro Tools
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Premiere
Virtual Light Lab

Familiarity with:  AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop